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Icom: Microphone HM-133

Counterfeit products have become a serious concern for Icom. Icom continues to fight against counterfeits. Counterfeit products are hurting not only Icom's business, but also authorized dealers and distributors, and above all, users are the number one v   (more...)
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Damien Hirst: Paintings and Prints

The Manhattan District Attorney has charged a man for attempting to sell counterfeit artwork that he falsely claimed were by British artist Damien Hirst, including the artist's "spin" paintings and "dot" limited edition prints worth t   (more...)
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Tyco: TY3151 Fire Sprinklers

A counterfeit version of the authentic Tyco and Globe TY3151 fire sprinkler has been identified. The fire sprinkler was not manufactured or labeled by Tyco International, Inc., or Globe Fire Sprinkler Corporation; and the thermo bulb was not manufacture   (more...)
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Viktor & Rolf: Flowerbomb Fragrances

Viktor & Rolfs popular Flowerbomb fragrance is also popular with counterfeiters. There is no guarantee of the ingredients in counterfeit products, or if the contents have been diluted or adulterated. Consumers would be shocked to learn that lab test   (more...)
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Monster: Audio and Video Cables

Many unauthorized dealers and internet websites, including eBay sell counterfeit and fake Monster products. These counterfeit cables and headphones do not meet the Monster standards and may easily break causing damage to your equipment. For example, many   (more...)
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Perry Ellis: 370 Colognes

This is a fake product. Perry Ellis does not produce, nor is a "370" Cologne in the Perry Ellis product line. A shipment of this fake Perry Ellis product was seized by US Customs. Perry Ellis does in fact manufacture Perry Ellis 360 Cologne.   (more...)

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